Faux-Toes Studio | About

Life moves pretty fast for Faux-Toes Studio Owner and founder, Kristen Brown Roedner of Liberty, Texas.   And that's why she says there's nothing more beautiful than capturing life just as it is. Kristen relishes capturing those fleeting moments of childhood, the bonds between family members (pets included), and love sparks amongst couples on locations near and far.

Since 2005 Faux-Toes calls worldwide headquarters in the beautiful town of Lakeway, Texas. Kristen lives with her husband and young daughter. She is also a step-mother, a mother-in-law, and grandmother called "MeeMee" to a puppy named Hali in Seattle.  

Kristen can be found playing frisbee with her blue-eyed dog named Hank Bob Speckled pants, wrangling up two super fast hamsters named Sugar and Spice and feeding a hot pink glo fish named Sandy (Grease). Or maybe she's just giggling and cruising to a yoga class in her Pigs Fly jeep.  

In May 2016, Kristen celebrated her 13th year in business. She'd love to meet you and capture your joy.

For more information on current creative projects and her blog, we invite you to visit http://kristenroedner.com